Here is a list of testimonials I have compiled from students who have used my services.

For those considering help with admissions, here is a list of testimonials specific to admissions.

For those considering help with academic writing, here is a list of testimonials specific to academic editing and writing tutoring.

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Admissions Testimonials

I worked with Stefanie to revise my personal statement for law school. I used the Triple package for three revisions and the 5 hr phone package for brainstorming.

Result: In UVA for the class of 2014.

Overall impressions: Precise and quick turnaround. I made the mistake of turning everything all together for her to review and in the busiest time of around Thanksgiving, yet she still managed to respond within a day or two. I joked once that reading her feedback every time made me sweat. But the truth is that she helps polish your statement to make your point and show off your best side — using her own words: “This is about YOU”. She really puts you to work but, my advice, hang on to her.

– Ryan D.

I want to share my experience with Stefanie. I’ve been working with her for the past few months on several applications and have probably spent at least 10 hours with her.

Here’s the deal:

She is very knowledgeable about the admissions process and what they are looking for. When you talk with her you will be able to tell instantly that she is intimately familiar with what good essays should look like.

If you want constructive advice that will truly make your essays better, Stefanie is the one. She knows what works and what doesn’t and conveys that to you.

When I compared my essays from before I worked with her to the essays that she helped me with, there is simply no comparison. I believe that my chances at getting in are much better because of her help and that she has certainly been worth the expense.

– Rina M.

I’m an international applicant reapplying to US law schools this year and got in to my top choice of U. of Michigan.

Stefanie helped me polish my reapplication essay. I really appreciate her sharp, straight comments and quick response time. This is very important for international applicants who are unfamiliar with U.S. schools’ ways of evaluating candidates.

I’d like to recommend Stefanie to other applicants, especially those who are international.

– Sujata S.

Stefanie, I just wanted to let you know that I got into Cornell [Law] today. Thank you so much for your help – you definitely improved my application tremendously. Again, thank you for your efforts and your persistence.

-Angela K.

My experience and opinion:

I worked with Stefanie for about 3 months – I used her for personal statements and “Why X” essays in all my apps this cycle. It was a little tough but I took a “blank slate” approach and followed her tips and ideas very closely. I liked her style and she actually has a great deal of knowledge about what Adcoms look for in essays.

But the most important thing for the impatient person like me was her turn-around time – rarely in two days, 99% of the time the next day, at times even on the same day (week-ends). She made me work hard though, but that’s what I wanted.

As a result, my apps just went out– well before deadlines or even the unofficial “in before Thanksgiving” deadline. I’m waiting to hear back but I’m sure I’ll do very well this cycle.

– Chris Z.

Stefanie won’t coddle you, and it’s sometimes difficult to hear that essays you thought were good wouldn’t be interesting to an adcomm. But I didn’t pay for Stefanie to make me feel good, I paid her to improve my essays which she certainly did. She was extremely responsive, honest, and provided great suggestions. I’d hire her again in a second.

– Jesse L.

Stefanie, thanks for all your help with my law school personal statement. I really appreciated all the great feedback you’ve given me. You helped me choose a great topic and gave great input that was very encouraging and helpful. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate all your help.

– Paul K.

I have been really happy with the advice you have given me. Your comments have always been clear and on point with great turnaround time. I am leaving a positive review on your website for you to receive more business and will refer you to other prospective applicants so they can have the same high-quality help that I had.

– Jamie P.

Stefanie does not write your essays – you do, but she is a phenomenal coach. Even outside of the admissions focus, you do get drilled on a winning writing style.

– Mike R.

I used Stefanie and am a completely satisfied customer. Last year I got dinged at my choice of top four schools and I wasted no time getting in touch with Stefanie. I’m now waiting to hear back but I know that there is a HUGE difference in the quality of my essays, thanks to Stefanie. Look, she cannot change your content of your statement but can almost work magic with the presentation, tone and style.

– Aaron B.

Stefanie, I want to thank you for guiding me through this process, I really, really, really couldn’t have done it without your help! Thank you for being patient and kind even when I would panic and email you 30000 times a day, I’m really glad I chose you as my writing tutor! 🙂

– Joy K.

Academic Editing

When I hired Stefanie to help me with my Master’s thesis, I was half-expecting that she would only take my words and make sure they were spelled correctly and that my sentences were in proper form. However, through the thesis writing process, she did much more than that. I ended up using a five hour phone package with her and couldn’t be happier. She provided me with great feedback regarding each section and helped me to clarify my concepts and ideas. She also played a big part in its presentation, suggesting and adding charts or boxes so that my research would stand out more. The end-product is more professional than I had imagined, and my readers thought so too as I got an A on my 52 page thesis. I couldn’t have done it without Stefanie’s guidance and direction.

– Sarah T., Master’s in Social Work

Stefanie not only did a fantastic job of mechanically editing my manuscript, but offered insightful comments into the content, logical coherence of the material, as well as many structural and stylistic aspects of the work. After working for so long on this project, it was incredibly important to me to feel that the work reached its potential. With Stefanie’s extremely skilled and careful edit, I feel a great peace of mind to know that it has.

– Claire H., MFA in Creative Writing

[As an ESL author] I needed help with my doctoral studies. I chose Stefanie because she not only edits your work but helps you learn to write sentences that are forceful, straightforward, and clear. She has helped with many research projects and articles and has helped improve my English overall.

– Siwen X. Ph.D candidate in Anthropology

Stefanie has helped throughout my degree to edit my essays, papers, and, later, my graduating thesis. It was one of the best moves I made while studying for my Master’s. I can always rely on her quality editing and know that I’ll receive her feedback on time, which is great to know because I had some very tight deadlines! I have done many hours with her by phone to brainstorm and work on my edit together. This was a tremendous help when completing my thesis as she was the encouraging and knowledgeable coach I needed. She has also edited my cover letter and CV with great results. I highly recommend her to anybody who wants to improve the quality of their written work.

– Tim S., MA in Finance and Economic Theory

Stefanie has helped me earn my Bachelor’s degree. English is not my first language so it’s really important to me that someone edits my work properly before I hand it in, so that my English skills don’t impact on my ability to put forward my ideas and arguments. Stefanie as an editor is excellent, and she is always willing to provide extra help when I need it. As a tutor she is also excellent, helping me build mechanical and grammatical skill for writing. She has taught me how to organize my essays, how to conduct proper research, and how to find and reference academic sources. I wouldn’t be passing my subjects if it wasn’t for her.

– Siara M., BA in Sociology

How can I thank you enough? Without your help, I would not have gotten the A on my paper that I desperately needed help with. Stefanie has been really very kind and very helpful. I will never forget that she stayed up late AND got up early to edit my paper and ensure that I could submit it on time at 10am. She is so kind and understanding. I feel confident to contact her in the future whenever I need help. Along with my edited paper, she sent a long explanation that very clearly explained how I can improve my writing. Thank you so much for your help.

– Mary B., BS in Biology