I’m a professional writing tutor and editor with nearly a decade of publishing and editing experience.

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I’ve created this site as a writing resource for students and applicants alike. I publish free writing tips and advice every week that will help you to improve your writing skills both in the classroom and out in the real world.

With each post, I feature vital information on writing topics, such as:

  • how to write a successful admission essay and personal statement
  • how to survive the admissions process– including writing supplemental materials (such as diversity statements and addenda) and getting great letters of recommendation
  • how to choose a compelling and unique topic by brainstorming and effective topic formulation
  • how to write a great resume for success during the admissions process and beyond
  • how to organize your essay by using effective outlining and argument structuring techniques
  • how to succeed in class through effective academic research and time management

For those looking for admissions help, check out my Admissions Tips to get started.

For those looking for academic writing help, check out my Academic Writing Tips.

Editing Services

In addition to free writing advice, I also offer expert, in-depth editing and revision services. With honest feedback, friendly advice, and constructive criticism, I can help you develop and improve the skills necessary to deliver a clear, finished product.

My expertise lies with admission essays, as well as with academic writing of all levels (postdoctoral included). I have helped hundreds of students get into the schools they want and get the grades they need.

I offer admissions packages for admissions essays, personal statements, and other admissions-related items like diversity statements and addenda, as well as academic resumes. I’ve designed these admissions packages to be both effective and affordable and to include flexible and fully customizable options that can be tailored to your specific needs.

For academic writing services, I offer full academic editing and revision services with swift turnaround and impeccable results. You may submit your work directly for a quote, with no obligation or BS, or utilize one of my phone consulting packages to more personalized assistance.

I am also available for editing and revision of legal, business, and technical writing. With nearly a decade of mass-market publishing, writing instruction, and legal writing experience, I can help you create and develop an effective, compelling written product that works.
Please contact me at Stefanie@TheAdvancedEdit.com for more details.


Advanced writing skills are crucial for success in any field of study and in any industry. Individualized attention is one of the most effective ways to ensure improvement in all aspects of writing, from writing mechanics and syntax, to grammar and style. With over 8 years of writing tutoring experience, I can help you develop these skills to write effectively and, most importantly, to write well.

I’m available for distance tutoring, as well as in-person tutoring and consultation for those in in the New York metro area. If interested, please contact me at Stefanie@TheAdvancedEdit.com to discuss further details.